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Walla Walla Environmental

Walla Walla Environmental was founded in the 1980s by Roger Corn, who introduced the first-ever insecticide and mildewcide paint additives to the home improvement industry.


In 1990, the company expanded its operations to the corrugated box industry to leverage its expertise in mold, bacteria,

and fungus to help solve

industry-specific problems.


Today, Walla Walla Environmental is a leading manufacturer of chemicals, additives, and equipment for waste treatment and the

home improvement industry. The company's groundbreaking product lines have established it as a prominent force in the industry, and its unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality, effective solutions

has earned it a reputation for excellence among its peers.


Industries Served:  Corrugated, Paint, Furniture, Metal Plating, 

Agriculture, Food Production Plants, and Municipalities

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